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Facebook On The Race To Prevent Picture Theft

Facebook rates profile pictures as an important part of every social media which help users to find each other on the platform.

But in India, there is a problem which revealed some number of women are not feeling comfortable uploading their pictures due to concerns over photo theft.
This made Facebook announced a new feature on Wednesday to users in India called Profile Guard to keep facebook users pictures more secure. When you enable the feature, a few things will happen:
  • Other users won't be able to download, share or message your profile photos.
  • Strangers won't be able to tag themselves or anyone else in your photos.
  • If possible, Facebook will prevent people from taking screenshots of your profile picture (currently available on Android devices only).
  • Facebook will display a shield icon at the bottom of your picture and a blue border around the edge as "a visual cue of protection."
Facebook claims that extra design layers like that shield and border are a surprisingly strong disincentive against copying, with a reduction rate of at least 75 percent. Facebook also says that it's exploring ways of making it easier for people to add other designs to their profile pictugres, too.
There's no word on where, specifically, the feature might be headed next, but privacy concerns are hardly unique to India. The company's blog post says it plans to expand to other countries based on what it learns in the subcontinent.

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