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MMM NIGERIA: 2016 Mavro to be release with no sacrifice (#Information_Leakage)

From the guiders meeting of Online money making Ponzi scheme in Nigeria, MMM Nigeria that was held on Wednesday 21st of December 2016,  So many things were discussed which are listed below

1. The programmers of this monney making Scheme are busy working towards implementation of the new model. In this new model it won't be possible for Get Help to be more than Provided help. It won't be also possible for everyone to Gelp Help at once. Once implemented we will resume activities.

2.  Keep your down lines updated with the latest information. Keep the communication lines open.

3. Unfreezing should happen before 14 January 2017 if implementation of the new model is completed

4. Change of guiders button to appear anytime soon most likely this week.

5. Soon the guiders school will be automized and will make it impossible for mentors to manipulate it.

6. MMM is coming on board as promised and will be stronger than ever before.

7.  Encourage everyone to PH cos their mavro keeps growing

8. You will be able to GH once the mavros are unfrozen

9. You wont be able to get the Christmas bonus if your new PH is lower than your last GH from when it was announced i.e 7th Dec 2016.

10. Phone number verification exist in other countries and would be implemented in Nigeria very soon

Presently, All these promise are already being worked on and making sure part of the 2016 mavro are released but through a method called PH to GH 10% of your 2016 mavro and still get the normal 30% from you PH after a month.

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