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MMM NIGERIA BREAKING NEWS: 2016 Mavro To Be Release For Withdrawal With Newly Intoduced Bonus

The Nigeria branch of the money making Scheme called MMM by Sergy Mavrodi promises his Nigeria participant another 10% increase from the usual 10% referral Bonus making it a 20% for every new participants register and also a released of 10% of Whatever this new participant pledge to provide as help will be defrost from the frozen 2016 mavro.

MMM Nigeria announced this recently to further motivate his Nigeria participant in the recruitment of new participant for the ponzi Scheme.

The online money making Scheme promises his new participant a reward of $20 to $100 as registration as a registration bonus for every new participants depending on the among you pledge to provide as help in the system and also a 30% reward after 30 days.

Below is the Step-by-Step Guide On How To Join The MMM Community & Do It Correctly

*How To Register in MMM*

1. Visit www.nigeria-mmm.net

2. Click the REGISTRATION button (Top Right)

3. Type your Name, your active E-Mail, Mobile Number, Create Password of your choice, Confirm Password

4. In the Invite box. Type :  Adefuwabamidele@gmail.com

5. Type the Picture Code....  (That is type the alphabets You see on the picture code just the way they appear)

Read the WARNING and tick the little box that says you have read the warning.

6.Finally click the REGISTER IN MMM button.


1. To add your banking details, login to your Personal Office through this link here (using the email and the password you created when registering) click on Accounts, click the Add button.

2. Add Account Name(that is,the name u used to open your account)e.g simbi adetutu etc,


4. In the Beneficiary Name box type your name (name you used in opening your bank account)

5. Type your Account Number

6. In the Reference/Additional Info box, enter your name again.

7. Branch Code is optional

8. Finally click the Save button.

After successfully completing the above steps, you will be ready to indicate how much you want to contribute.

In other words you will be ready to Provide Help.


1. To Provide Help i.e to make a contribution, login to your Personal Office  www.mmmoffice.com  and click the Dashboard button.

2. Click on Provide Help button, click the little checkbox to indicate that you have read the warning, click Next,

 3. Make sure the Nigeria currency is selected in the currency box, click the Other Bank button, click Next.

 4. Enter the Deposit Amount you want to contribute, e.g 2000, click Select,

 6. Enter the same amount you entered above in the Leftover Contribution box, click the Get Bonuses button(PLS ENSURE U CLICK THE GET BONUS BUTTON IF NOT U WONT BE GETTING UR BONUSES) , click Next,

7. Type the code in the code box to confirm. Click Next. That's it !

After completing all the necessary steps as shown above, you will wait for your order i.e you will wait for the system to show you the banking details of someone who wants to withdraw their money from the system, in other words someone who needs help. (This may be instantly or may take weeks). You will contact this person, to make sure they are real people. Tell them that you are going to deposit the specified amount into their bank account. Confirm all the details


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