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Latest Tips On How To Make #100,000+ From MMM Nigeria, Be The First To Get This.

The  fastest growing money making ponzi scheme platform in Nigeria releases an update to it participants all over the country on the the 4th of july, 2017 about how to make easy mavros ranging from #100,000 to #300,000 by doing a video on how their members have been withdrawing their 2016 frozen mavros from the community which the named "Best Video Contest On How I Had My Mavros-2016 Released”

"Now the members of MMM Nigeria get their ‘Mavro-2016-Contributions’ released for 10% of the amount of their PHs and for 10% of the amount of the contributions provided by their referrals. (You can find the detailed information regarding the release procedure and tips how to release Mavro-2016 faster in the news  here.)
There are already many participants who got all their ‘Mavro-2016-Contributions’ released. But we need much more members who unfroze all their Mavro-2016. To achieve this goal, those who had their Mavros released have to share their experience how they did that, give some advice and share their happiness with other participants.
So, MMM Nigeria announces the contest for the best video “How I had all my ‘Mavro-2016-Contributions’ released”. The 3 best videos will be chosen, and the winners will get prizes:
  1. First prize is 300,000 NGN
  2. Second prize is 200,000 NGN
  3. Third prize is 100,000 NGN
In order to participate in the contest, you should film your video and submit it filling in the following form up to July, 12 (Wednesday)https://goo.gl/forms/Hblj4dfasGfmoKBm1

The best videos will be chosen by the following criteria:
  1. the video should be informative and useful for other participants (tell them what you did to get your Mavro-2016 released, give useful tips);
  2. the speaker should be sincere, positive and motivating (obviously, don’t forget about MMM ideas and values);
  3. provide a good quality of video and sound (orientation of the video should be landscape, not portrait);
  4. (desirable but not mandatory) the video should be edited professionally.
Tell everyone about the contest, help each other to partake. Let’s do all we can to assist the members to get their Mavro-2016 released as soon as possible.
By our efforts, the MMM Nigeria will overcome!
We are changing the world!"

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